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Paintings  in  Private  Collections


Autumn Afternoon
Sentinels of Sunshine
A Butterfly's Dream
Nature's Palette
Waiting for the Fall Migration
Celestial Ambitions
Rolling Through Summer
Sweeping Change
Layered Alchemy
The Heart of the Flint Hills
Meadowlark Magic
Early Snow in the Flint Hills
Chasing Cumulus
Summer Daze
Harvest Evening
Cloud Dance Over Spring Wheat
Summer Colors
Flowing Fields
A Trail Runs Through It
A Moment of Calm
Beyond the Wire Gate
Field of Happiness
Cradled in Coronado's Heights
Field Studies Deconstructed #2
Field Studies Deconstructed #4
Wetlands Sunset
Following the Curve
Osage Sentry
Field of Vision
Splashes of Color
The Last Bales
Sunrise Reflection
Field Studies Deconstructed #1
East from Coronado Heights
Vineyard and Cherry Orchard
Lost in the View
Layers of Winter
Morning on the Meadowlark Trail
An Uplifting End To The Day
Morning Sky Over Moondance Tree Farm
Hole #4 at Old Hickory Country Club
Hills and Valleys
A Long Farewell
On The Meadowlark Trail
January's Red Dawn
Field Studies Deconstructed  #3
Early Autumn in Geary County
Golden Summer Evening
Geary County Morning
Outside the Pasture Fence
After the Harvest, Before the Storm
Windblown Pines
Edge of the Field
Sand Hills Trail
Spring Refraction
Late Summer Solitude
Evening Storm Across the Konza
Preserving The Future
Scenic Symphony at Sand Hills State Park
Prairie Vista
Konza View
Iris Farm
North of Lindsborg
Looking Toward Merrill Point
View From Chateau Chantal
At the Tree of Life, Which Path Would You Choose?
Hole #8 Prairie Dunes Country Club
Red's Maple
Flower Studies-Jayhawk Irises
Flower Studies-Louise's Legacy
Flower Studies-Golden Memories
December Sunset
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